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"YorkvilleStructuring one's financial, retirement, and estate planning alternatives to efficiently and affordably leave one's assets to one's loved ones is known as estate planning. Individuals regularly worry about their investments and how the market may harm them.

Asset diversification and asset protection are two legal specializations that work together to optimize protection from events that deplete an individual's assets. Asset management is proactive planning before legal disputes, taxes, and other life occurrences harm a person's wealth and security. Asset protection and estate planning are two practical wealth management techniques that complement one another to provide monetary stability.

A solid legal foundation will be created through estate planning and wealth management, protecting against disability and death. In addition, a person's and their family's assets are safeguarded from hazards by creating an asset management plan. Living trusts are a crucial part of effective estate planning. 


"YorkvilleOswego Premarital Agreement Attorney

The term "late-life divorce" is used because a person was divorced over the age of fifty. In addition to the word "late-life divorce," "Grey Divorce" and "Silver Divorce" are terms that describe a middle-aged person divorced beyond the age of 50. We have increasingly become familiar with the divorce rate of couples rising in population. As a result, divorces beyond 50 years of age have substantially increased in popularity, and a divorce significantly impacts one's familial status. In addition, premarital and post-nuptial planning are increasingly popular because spouses have experienced the divorce process and desire to protect their assets in case of a divorce. 

Prenuptial agreements are also known as "Prenups." Postnups are legal agreements entered by couples post-marriage designed to protect one's prior financial assets and create a smooth process in case of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements should cover the following topics:

  • Defines marital and non-marital assets, including identifying the assets that are non-marital and the marital assets and whether the appreciation in the value of an asset shall be expressed as marital property.
  • Discuss the property allocation in case of death and describe how the marital and non-marital assets will be divided and allocated in case of a divorce.
  • Discuss the term alimony and spousal maintenance, or "spousal support," and determine whether a person will waive spousal maintenance or how alimony will be calculated.
  • Set forth a discussion about wills, estates, and trusts, and the establishment of joint trusts and single trust

Prenuptial agreements are best suited for people that have been through the divorce process or have assets to protect them from a divorce proceeding. Prenuptial agreements are beneficial for individuals apprehensive about remarriage and for individuals getting remarried. Prenuptial agreements are designed to provide peace of mind and asset protection in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements also offer stability because they provide a framework for the divorce process if it occurs.


Intestate Succession Attorney

When someone dies without a will or trust in Yorkville and surrounding areas, the state's intestacy laws will determine the distribution of their assets. These laws dictate who will inherit the deceased person's assets based on their relationship to the dead person.

If the deceased person was married and had no children or other descendants, their spouse will inherit all their assets. If the dead person was married and had children or other descendants, their spouse will inherit half of their support, and the other half will be divided equally among their children or descendants. If the deceased person were unmarried and had no children or other descendants, their assets would be divided equally among their children or other descendants. If the dead person were available and had no children or other descendants, their assets would go to their parents or, if their parents are deceased, to their siblings, nieces, or nephews.


Yorkville Probate Attorneys 


Yorkville Illinois Probate Attorney: Probate Primer in Kendall County, Illinois

Probate is the legal process, which happens after a person dies, and the family petitions the "probate court" to determine who is the appropriate beneficiary of one's inheritance upon their death. Probate can be an emotional process, especially when dealing with the end of a loved one and a complex court process. Probate distributes a person's assets upon their death according to their will or their following family members. The Probate court will also ensure the deceased person's debts are paid.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that a last will must undergo a court process called "probate" to be effective. The last will be filed with the local courthouse where the person is deceased. People often need to be made aware that a last will must undergo probate court before a last will is effective and valid. Generally, a person names an executor in their will responsible for the court administration process. Alternative estate planning solutions can spare loved ones the hassle of dealing with probate court after one's passing. A Living Trust is an estate planning strategy that can assist people in avoiding the complexity of the court system. In addition, we have various articles on our blog that discuss varying estate planning strategies designed to avoid probate court.


Small Business Estate Planning 101

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Yorkville Business Estate Planning Attorney

Yorkville Estate Planning Lawyer for Small Business Estate Planning

Owners of small to medium-sized enterprises and their families, especially those which generate high income and have a high net worth, need estate planning, known as Business Estate Planning. It is vital for households in Yorkville, Oswego, Plainfield and other nearby Kendall County, Illinois, regions.

Asset management and thorough estate planning create a solid legal foundation for protecting against death and incapacity and safeguarding personal and company assets against potential threats. 

Estate Planning Factors for Yorkville Business Owners

Steps for planning 

Creating an estate plan for you as a business owner necessitates careful evaluation and preparation of various things, including assets, goals, and even your family structure, and how that may give rise to possible conflicts. Therefore, attorneys must examine multiple factors when creating an estate plan.

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