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"YorkvilleThis article discusses the impact on spouses dying when real estate is their sole name. In Illinois, significant others and couples reside in real estate when one person's name is on the legal title. Mortgages are often placed in one's spouse's name due to poor credit, or one spouse has a higher income and a credit score to meet the underwriting standards of mortgage providers. 

People obtain mortgages without a spouse or another person for multiple reasons. First, the person was qualifying for the mortgage primary by the leading financial contributor. Mothers often stay home and place their families above their economic needs. Moreover, self-employed persons need help securing mortgages because the underwriting guidelines are more complicated than those employed by a company. Mothers (and fathers) also tend to work part-time or have flexible work arrangements so that they can cater to their children's extracurricular activities and school schedules. The cost of childcare also is a significant consideration for parents. However, these family sacrifices produce legal obstacles, which place families under challenging circumstances. People may also need to improve their credit, be proactive, and obtain estate planning before an incident. 

Oswego Quit Claiming Deed Lawyer: Adding a Person to Title


"YorkvilleStructuring one's financial, retirement, and estate planning alternatives to efficiently and affordably leave one's assets to one's loved ones is known as estate planning. Individuals regularly worry about their investments and how the market may harm them.

Asset diversification and asset protection are two legal specializations that work together to optimize protection from events that deplete an individual's assets. Asset management is proactive planning before legal disputes, taxes, and other life occurrences harm a person's wealth and security. Asset protection and estate planning are two practical wealth management techniques that complement one another to provide monetary stability.

A solid legal foundation will be created through estate planning and wealth management, protecting against disability and death. In addition, a person's and their family's assets are safeguarded from hazards by creating an asset management plan. Living trusts are a crucial part of effective estate planning. 


"YorkvilleOswego Premarital Agreement Attorney

The term "late-life divorce" is used because a person was divorced over the age of fifty. In addition to the word "late-life divorce," "Grey Divorce" and "Silver Divorce" are terms that describe a middle-aged person divorced beyond the age of 50. We have increasingly become familiar with the divorce rate of couples rising in population. As a result, divorces beyond 50 years of age have substantially increased in popularity, and a divorce significantly impacts one's familial status. In addition, premarital and post-nuptial planning are increasingly popular because spouses have experienced the divorce process and desire to protect their assets in case of a divorce. 

Prenuptial agreements are also known as "Prenups." Postnups are legal agreements entered by couples post-marriage designed to protect one's prior financial assets and create a smooth process in case of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements should cover the following topics:

  • Defines marital and non-marital assets, including identifying the assets that are non-marital and the marital assets and whether the appreciation in the value of an asset shall be expressed as marital property.
  • Discuss the property allocation in case of death and describe how the marital and non-marital assets will be divided and allocated in case of a divorce.
  • Discuss the term alimony and spousal maintenance, or "spousal support," and determine whether a person will waive spousal maintenance or how alimony will be calculated.
  • Set forth a discussion about wills, estates, and trusts, and the establishment of joint trusts and single trust

Prenuptial agreements are best suited for people that have been through the divorce process or have assets to protect them from a divorce proceeding. Prenuptial agreements are beneficial for individuals apprehensive about remarriage and for individuals getting remarried. Prenuptial agreements are designed to provide peace of mind and asset protection in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements also offer stability because they provide a framework for the divorce process if it occurs.


Intestate Succession Attorney

When someone dies without a will or trust in Yorkville and surrounding areas, the state's intestacy laws will determine the distribution of their assets. These laws dictate who will inherit the deceased person's assets based on their relationship to the dead person.

If the deceased person was married and had no children or other descendants, their spouse will inherit all their assets. If the dead person was married and had children or other descendants, their spouse will inherit half of their support, and the other half will be divided equally among their children or descendants. If the deceased person were unmarried and had no children or other descendants, their assets would be divided equally among their children or other descendants. If the dead person were available and had no children or other descendants, their assets would go to their parents or, if their parents are deceased, to their siblings, nieces, or nephews.


Yorkville Probate Attorneys 


Yorkville Illinois Probate Attorney: Probate Primer in Kendall County, Illinois

Probate is the legal process, which happens after a person dies, and the family petitions the "probate court" to determine who is the appropriate beneficiary of one's inheritance upon their death. Probate can be an emotional process, especially when dealing with the end of a loved one and a complex court process. Probate distributes a person's assets upon their death according to their will or their following family members. The Probate court will also ensure the deceased person's debts are paid.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware that a last will must undergo a court process called "probate" to be effective. The last will be filed with the local courthouse where the person is deceased. People often need to be made aware that a last will must undergo probate court before a last will is effective and valid. Generally, a person names an executor in their will responsible for the court administration process. Alternative estate planning solutions can spare loved ones the hassle of dealing with probate court after one's passing. A Living Trust is an estate planning strategy that can assist people in avoiding the complexity of the court system. In addition, we have various articles on our blog that discuss varying estate planning strategies designed to avoid probate court.


Yorkville Start-Up Attorney

LLCs and Series LLCs

An LLC, or limited liability company, is owned by one or more members. Forming an LLC provides a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Limited Liability for Managers and Members (owners)

Simply put, this means that members are not personally liable. Additionally, forming an LLC prevents double taxation, which is common among other corporations such as C corporations. A Series LLC is a type of LLC that offers asset protection across all "series" within the LLC. Each series is protected from any liability that may arise from any of the other series. A holding company, on the other hand, is a company that segregates assets and minimizes weaknesses. Holding companies are used for oversight, supervision, and control of subsidiaries but not for day-to-day decisions.


Small Business Estate Planning 101

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Yorkville Business Estate Planning Attorney

Yorkville Estate Planning Lawyer for Small Business Estate Planning

Owners of small to medium-sized enterprises and their families, especially those which generate high income and have a high net worth, need estate planning, known as Business Estate Planning. It is vital for households in Yorkville, Oswego, Plainfield and other nearby Kendall County, Illinois, regions.

Asset management and thorough estate planning create a solid legal foundation for protecting against death and incapacity and safeguarding personal and company assets against potential threats. 

Estate Planning Factors for Yorkville Business Owners

Steps for planning 

Creating an estate plan for you as a business owner necessitates careful evaluation and preparation of various things, including assets, goals, and even your family structure, and how that may give rise to possible conflicts. Therefore, attorneys must examine multiple factors when creating an estate plan.


"Plainfield,Regardless of age, it is essential to think ahead regarding estate planning. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that your affairs are in order in the case of your passing or incapacity. There are several aspects to effective estate planning, including A living trust, a pour-over will, property/healthcare power of attorney, and designated beneficiaries. This article will cover the basics of effective estate planning in Plainfield, Illinois. 

Living Trust

A living trust, also called a revocable living trust, is an essential document in estate planning. A living trust is like a will in that it states where your assets will be distributed after your passing; however, it provides far more benefits to you than a will. By drafting a living trust, your beneficiaries will avoid probate court. A probate court is a type of court that distributes your assets after your passing; it is legally required if you decide to draft a will. Probate can be extremely lengthy, costly, and overall unpleasant. A living trust will also administer your assets immediately upon your death/incapacity, making it very timely. A living trust also protects your assets against creditor claims meaning your loved ones will receive the exact amount you intended. Unlike a will, a living trust not only takes effect upon one's passing but will also be put into effect in the case of one’s incapacity. A living trust can be referred to as "revocable" because one may change their mind about certain aspects of the trust and amend it in their lifetime. 


A pour-over will is included in a living trust. It is similar to a last will; however, it is intended to "catch" any assets/property you did not include in your trust during your lifetime. This ensures that none of your assets will have to go through probate, even if they were not initially included in your trust. For example, a person may have a bank account titled under their name instead of their trust. This would be included in their pour-over will, which would "catch" the bank account upon their death and ensure that it is included in the trust. 


Oswego Special Needs Trust Lawyer

Yorkville Special Needs Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning for parents of a minor or adult disabled child who receive government aid programs must consider designing an estate plan with their disabled adult in mind. Special needs trusts are a type of trust aimed at distributing one's assets, such as life insurance, real estate, retirement assets, bank accounts, and other accounts, smoothly and efficiently. 

Special Needs Trust and Planning

Working with an estate planning lawyer is essential because a special needs estate planning lawyer will assist you in anticipating family conflicts and problems before they arise. Family conflicts arise upon one's death often because family conflicts are not considered, such as an adult disabled child receiving an inheritance, which will disqualify them from receiving their government aid benefits, such as social security disability income.

Social Security Disability Income


"PlanoCovid-19 has created an awareness about wills and trusts. Unfortunately, over the last several years, the number of individuals facing death seems to be increasing. This article will discuss what happens when you fail to plan and have no Will or trust.

Designated Beneficiaries

The probate court may only be necessary if one has designated beneficiaries on their varying accounts. A person can direct beneficiary designations to inherit their assets upon death. 

1. Bank Accounts


Why It Is Critical To Update Your Estate Plan

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Sugar Grove, Illinois, Estate Planning Attorneys

Yorkville Estate Planning Attorney: Why it is necessary to amend your estate planning documents

Creating an estate plan is essential in ensuring your assets will be distributed how you wish upon your death. However, more than simply creating an estate plan may be required. Whether you create your estate plan early in life or later in life, specific circumstances may make it necessary to update your estate planning documents. Therefore, it is recommended to review your estate plan every few years and amend it as required to account for life changes. At Peace of Mind Asset Protection, our attorneys assist in both creating estate plans and making amendments and codicils to those documents as necessary.

When Should I Amend my Estate Plan?

Some life changes warrant a change in your estate plan, while others may be minor and would not affect an estate plan. If you have a life change and do not update your estate plan to reflect those significant changes, then your assets will likely not be distributed how you wish them to be in consideration of those life events. However, suppose you are still determining whether or not a change warrants an amendment to your estate plan. In that case, our attorneys at Peace of Mind Asset Protection will review your estate plan and discuss your life changes to advise whether amending your estate plan is necessary. 

1. Marriage



Intestate Succession Attorney in Plano

The Covid-19 campaign has raised public awareness about wills and trusts. There seems to be a rise in the number of people close to death during the past few years. What transpires when you don't plan and don't have a will or trust in place will be covered in this article.



"Montgomery,Securing one's wealth and assets provide economic stability. Economic stability is critical in estate planning. A well-crafted estate plan protects assets from lawsuits and other liability concerns and creates a smooth transfer upon death. However, one case can easily dismantle a lifetime of planning and sound decision-making. This is where asset protection comes into play. Asset protection involves strategically arranging assets to minimize potential legal risks while maximizing economic security.

Asset protection encompasses estate planning, lawsuit planning, and business planning. Advanced estate planning strategies employ trusts, business entities, and other liability protection strategies. The area of estate planning and business planning is a complex area of law. Intelligent asset protection and estate planning involve planning and do not involve fraudulent activities. Advanced planning is critical, as any plan to interfere with a pending lawsuit may not be valid.



YorkvilleSugar Grove Estate Planning Lawyer: Defining What is Estate Planning

Estate Planning is imperative to ensure your assets pass how you wish upon death. Unfortunately, estate planning gets ignored until it is too late. If a person fails to create an estate plan during one's lifetime, the decedent's family and loved ones are left to navigate Probate court, which can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. The best way to avoid Probate court is to find an attorney specializing in estate planning. An estate planning attorney guides what estate plan is best for you.

Furthermore, an effective estate plan must adequately fund it to avoid going through Probate. Peace of Mind Asset Protection is based in Yorkville, IL, and specializes in estate planning and asset protection. The attorneys and staff will determine your estate's size and help structure a unique estate plan based on your assets. By doing so, the transition of your assets upon your death will pass smoothly and make the process easier for your loved ones.



Business estate planning is vital for Oswego households, particularly owners of closely held business enterprises and family businesses. Additionally, estate planning is critical for high-net-worth and high-income families in Kendall County and surrounding areas. 

Asset management and business wealth planning strategies create a solid foundation in case of death or incapacity. Family business and personal asset protection are also critical to safeguard a family's assets from potential litigation threats.


Oswego Estate Planning Attorney

A person or entity is named the designated beneficiary to receive assets or property following a death. Designated beneficiaries can avoid the probate procedure and facilitate a seamless succession after death. As a result, asset transfers from one person or entity to another are handled smoothly and at the lowest possible cost throughout the transition phase.

A designated beneficiary is a person or organization specified to receive certain assets from financial accounts or legal documents. For financial accounts like life insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and annuities, named beneficiaries are often anticipated. 


Plainfield Rental Property Asset Protection Attorneys

Landlords are subject to significant risks in owning rental properties. For example, if a tenant falls and hurts themselves on the property, the Landlord can be sued, and all personal assets can be subject to the lawsuit. Creating a cohesive asset protection plan minimizes liability risks against landlords. Therefore, it is crucial to construct a coherent asset protection plan to ensure minimal risk to the Landlord should a case arise.

One of the best ways to limit the risk of a creditor accessing personal assets is for the Landlord to remove the rental properties from their name individually and place it into a separate entity, preferably either an LLC or a Land Trust. Doing so eliminates the Landlord as the owner of the property. It, therefore, protects their assets from a lawsuit because the tenant would have to sue the LLC or Land Trust as the property owner.


Estate Planning Attorneys

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Estate Planning Attorneys in Somonauk

Estate planning is a crucial step to take in one's adulthood. While it is an unpleasant thought, preparing your assets for your passing or incapacity is vital. Unfortunately, many people need to be more knowledgeable and informed about the best options when it comes to estate planning. Luckily, Peace of Mind Asset Protection, LLC has experienced attorneys who are thoroughly acquainted with estate planning and are ready to help you. 

Essential Documents for Estate Planning

Estate planning consists of several vital components. A few of these components include a living trust, A Pour Over Will (formed in your trust), Financial Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Powers of Attorney. These are all essential documents in the case of any estate plan. 


Kendall County Business Estate Planning Attorney

Business estate planning is essential for families in Bristol and other adjacent areas of Kendall County, Illinois, especially for owners of small to medium-sized businesses and their families. In addition, families with high incomes and overall assets generally require extensive business estate planning.

A robust legal basis for protection against death and disability will be established by prudent asset management and detailed estate planning. Making a robust asset management strategy is even more critical since it will protect a person's and their family's business and personal assets from potential risks.


Plainfield Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorneys

Whether a couple purchases a home together and later gets divorced or individual purchases a house and later gets married, both instances are sufficient to warrant a change in title to the property. When changing the name on the title, a Quit Claim Deed can be drafted to add or remove individuals from the title. A Quit Claim Deed differs from a warranty deed because no warranty is attached to a quit claim deed. This means the grantor transfers whatever interest they have in the property to the grantee, with no special warranties protecting their interest. Therefore, when adding a spouse to the title, it is imperative to find an attorney that understands the different types of ownership classifications to ensure ease of transition upon the death of one of the spouses. At Peace of Mind Asset Protection, LLC (a division of Gateville Law Firm), our staff and attorneys are thoroughly trained in both real estate and estate planning, so our firm understands the interplay between the two areas of law and can effectively transfer title about the specific factual circumstances of the individuals.

Adding a Spouse to Title

When adding a spouse to the title, there are important questions that an attorney should ask, such as whether the individuals are married or whether they hold themselves out to be married. This is because married couples enjoy a particular classification that can help protect them from creditors, but there must be a valid and current marriage. The different types of ownership classifications must be understood to understand the effectiveness of a quit claim deed.

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